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Année 2018

Atoub Souad, Benzaid Riad, Mustapha Tekkouk. 2018. Use of reinforced earth to improve the stability of railway sleepers. Matec Web of Conferences. 149. 02070. pp. 1-5

Benredjem A., Chikh N., Mesbah H.A., Benzaid R. 2018. Structural behavior of square RC columns confined with CFRP wraps. Matec Web of Conferences. 149. 02070. Pp. 1-7

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Khaled-Khodja S., Cherif S., Durand Gaël. 2018. Seasonal assessment of metal trace element contamination by PCA in Seybouse wadi (Algeria). Volume 17,issue 6.

DOI: 10.2166/ws.2018.010

Yellas Chahra, Benzaid Riad, Tekkouk Mustapha. 2018. Study and monitoring of the stability of a rock mass at the Dar-El-Ouad tunnel, wilaya of Jijel – Algeria. Matec Web of Conferences. 149. 02070. Pp. 1-5

Année 2017

Benzaid Riad, Tekkouk Mustapha. 2017. Study of the slope of access to the viaduct of wadi Dib, Northeast Algeria. American Journal of civil and environmental engineering. Vol. 2, No. 3. pp. 21-29.

Bousalem Brahim, Benzaid Riad, Chikh Nasr Eddine, Mesbah Habib-Abdelhak. 2017. Fluxural analysis of RC rectangular and T beams strengthened with NSM FRP reinforcement. International journal of civil engineering and construction science. Vol. 4, No. 1. pp. 1-10.

Cheikh-Zouaoui M., Benzaid R., Chikh N., Mesbah H-A. 2017. Use of advanced composite materials in strengthening axially loaded reinforced columns. Ciencia and tecnologia dos materiais. Vol. 29, pp. 187-191.

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Mesbah Habib-Abdelhak, Benzaid Riad. 2017. Experimantal investigation of concrete externally confined by CFRP composites. Engineering and technology. Vol. 4, No. 5. pp. 56-64.

Mesbah Habib-Abdelhak, Benzaid Riad, Benmokrane Brahim. 2017. Evaluation of bond strength of FRP reinforcing rods in concrete and FE modeling. International journal of civil engineering and construction science. Vol. 4, No. 3. pp. 21-41.

Année 2014

Benzaid R.
, & Mesbah H-A. 2014. The confinement of concrete in compression using CFRP composites -effective design equations. Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, 20:5, 632-648, 2014. DOI:10.3846/13923730.2013.801911

Krzeminska D. M., Bogaard T. A., Debieche T.-H., Cervi F., Marc V., and Malet J.-P. 2014. Field investigation of preferential fissure flow paths with hydrochemical analysis of small-scale sprinkling experiments. Earth Surf. Dynam. 2, 181-195, doi:10.5194/esurf-2-181-2014

Année 2013

Belouar A., Laraba A.,  Benzaid R. 2013. Chikh. Structural performance of square concrete columns wrapped with CFRP sheets, Procedia Engineering, Elsevier, Volume 54, 2013, Pages 232-240.

Benzaid R., Mesbah H-A. 2013. Strength model for square concrete columns confined by external CFRP sheets. Structural Engineering and Mechanics, Techno-Press, Volume 46, N°1, 2013, pages 111-135.

Chikh N.,  Merdas A.,  Laraba A.,  Benzaid R. 2013. Study of the bond behavior of concrete beam strengthened with NSM-CFRP. Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science, Volume 3 LNECS, 2013, Pages 1815-1820.

Année 2012

Benzaid R.
, Mesbah H-A. 2012. Modèle de confinement pour les colonnes de section circulaire en béton armé confiné avec des enveloppes en polymère renforcé de fibres de carbone. MATEC Web of Conferences 2, 02006 (2012), DOI: 10.1051 /matecconf/  20120202006,  pages 02006 P1- 02006 P9.

Chikh N-E., Benzaid R., Mesbah H-A. 2012. An experimental investigation of circular RC columns with various slenderness confined with CFRP sheets. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Springer, Section B, Volume 37, N° 2, 2012, pages 315-323.

Chikh N-E., Mesbah H., Gahmous M., Benzaid R. 2012. Performance of externally CFRP confined RC columns with changes in thickness of the wrap, slenderness of the column and shape of the section. MATEC Web of Conferences 2, 02001 (2012), DOI: 10.1051 /matecconf/ 20120202001, pages 02001 P1- 02001 P7.

Année 2011

Debieche T.-H.
, Bogaard T.A., Emblanch C., Marc V., Krzeminska, D.M., Malet J.-P. 2011. Hydrological and hydrochemical processes observed during a large-scale infiltration experiment at Super-Sauze mudslide (France). Hydrological Processes. DOI: 10.1002/hyp.7843.

Année 2010

Y. et Bourefis A. 2010. Comparative metallogenic aspects of the granite and skarns of Kabylie of Collo and Filfila (North-East Algeria). Journal of African Earth Sciences, Vol. 55, Issues 2-3, Edit. Elsevier.

Année 2008

Benzaid R.
, Chikh N-E., Mesbah H-A. 2008. Behaviour of square concrete columns confined with GFRP composite wrap. Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, Volume 14 (2), 2008, pages 115-120.

Kessasra F., Mesbah M., Bendjoudi H. 2008. Groundwater flow modeling approach: application on the alluvial aquifer in middle soummam vally (Bejaia, north-eastern Algeria). Algerian journal of technology, volume 1.



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